Head’s Bulletin – Special Edition

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Shock, Horror, Thor attacks new Head Teacher!

On Tuesday 14th February, the Holy Trinity community were reeling from shock brought about by the unprecedented attack on the school’s new Head Teacher for the day – Miss Daisy-J. Mrs Leek-Wright, who had resigned her seat had to leap into action to prevent Thor from attacking Miss Daisy-J with his hammer. Those who know the power of this chosen weapon will realise the disregard shown for her own personal safety as Mrs Leek-Wright grappled to ensure that the blow did not hit its mark. Miss Daisy-J showed incredible bravery as she took the decision to continue in her role as Head Teacher and was quoted as saying ‘it is important not to be intimidated by bullies and show others that although it is hard, we can overcome our difficulties’.

Mrs Leek-Wright had to be revived from her ordeal with six cups of extremely strong coffee and expressed both her admiration for Miss Daisy-J in her determination to continue and her concern for the uncharacteristic behaviour shown by Thor. Mrs Leek-Wright said that she thought the attack had been brought on by a misunderstanding – Thor springing into action against what he clearly thought was a hostile take-over of the school by Miss Daisy-J. The alternative theory is that Thor was cross at not being able to jump on the cars earlier as he was collecting funds in aid of the school minibus and felt that the experience was ‘a little tame’.

However, after the reviving coffee for Mrs Leek Wright, juice for Miss Daisy-J and a lollipop for Thor the trio shook hands and ended the morning the best of friends – though Thor was heard muttering that if sufficient funds had not been raised for the minibus he would be back (as he disappeared in a haze of blue and silver smoke)…

Holy Trinity School News - A New Head Teacher

We had a new head teacher for Valentines Day. Miss Daisy-J and Mrs Leek Wright walked around the whole, entire school. Following is a report of the day as written by Miss Daisy-J.

In the morning we went into lessons (Senior and Prep school), to see what classes were doing. In the gym Year 10 were doing P.E with Miss Gunn, learning about the heart and how it works.

Then we went to year 7, half of them were doing pizza making and the others were doing art (graphics).  They were absolutely brilliant I think the art would  make wonderful history. From the senior school we went to prep into year 2, one class were doing assessments (tests) and the other class was creating lovely valentines poems. After visiting Year 2 we went up to year 5 who were doing an Egyptian dictionary, they were using chrome books to find definitions, they were doing wonderfully! From year 5 we went to year 4 (Miss Dais-J’s year), to see them creating valentines art work - they were absolutely wonderful. Finally, we went to year 3 and we got a whole class photo  - year 3s were very excited to have a new head teacher!

After my walk around the school I was rewarded by a juice and cake. It was a yummy, delicious chocolate cake. Now it’s the afternoon and we’ve been signing LOADS of things. About trips, people coming into school- even Lego man! I also got to do a valentines card. Then it’s the end of the day BOOOOOOOOOOOO. I loved being head teacher for the day.