Academic success

Academic success is at the heart of the Sixth Form. We prepare sixth form students to work independently within a tightly structured framework. A wide range of Advanced Level courses is offered, from which students can select three. Classes are small enough for lessons to be conducted in a tutorial style. We believe this is excellent preparation for the type of learning students will encounter at college and university. Our teaching staff are approachable, supportive and enthusiastic. They are fully committed to every student fulfilling their potential.

Entry to university is highly competitive. Often a single grade in one subject is the deciding factor in whether a student gains entry to their first choice university. We provide high quality guidance on university and college admissions and on careers in general. Students are given plenty of support with their university applications. In most cases these are completed and sent by half-term in the Autumn Term of Year 13.

A levels 

A levels are first-class qualifications for Medicine, Veterinary Science, Law, Psychology, Accountancy, Business Management and a number of other specialisms. The A level courses at HTS Sixth Form Centre foster the academic rigour, independent learning and sense of enquiry that are prerequisites for entrepreneurial success and, more widely, for employability.

A Level Results 2016

All successful Year 12 students joining in September 2017 receive a 'Tablet' and £100 book voucher 

Making a difference 

The cliché that the world is now a global village may be an exaggeration. What is certain, however, is that the citizens of tomorrow need to be aware of local, national and international community needs. At Holy Trinity every Sixth Form Student is taught the inherent value of human beings, whatever their gender, race, religion and culture. Through the local twinning association, strong links have been established between the danske Skole, Husum and Holy Trinity School. More locally, our Sixth Form Students perform concerts in support of local charities.

A bridge between school and the adult world 

The Holy Trinity Sixth Form offers a unique experience for students that combines high expectations, an adult environment and a great deal of daily individual support and attention. As senior members of the school community, Sixth Form Students are expected to play a leading role in the life of the school as a whole. There are opportunities for helping pupils in the Primary School in their learning, for taking a leadership role on the School Council, and for taking on prefect responsibilities. Students are encouraged to participate in Young Enterprise, drama, music, debating, educational trips and a range of sports. Our philosophy is clear: though academic attainment is crucial and results do make a difference, integrity, a work ethic, a range of interests and passion are just as important. We prepare our students not only for academic success but for life at university and beyond.

Personal development 

Real life is about working successfully with other people, having flair and imagination and being able to make complex and sometimes difficult decisions. As they progress through the Sixth Form, our students are equipped with the skills that will enable them to become well-rounded individuals. Most jobs in the twenty-first century economy require team work, and so, in their daily interaction in the sixth form centre, students are encouraged to acquire a strong team spirit. With its bistro, conference room and comfortable sixth form lounge, the Sixth Form is the perfect environment for the development of these personal qualities.

Online Applications - Anyone who has not been contacted within a week of their application, please contact Sixth Form by emailing: or call the school on 01562 822929.